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Isokinetic Training

Are you ready to take your strength training and injury rehabilitation to the next level? 

A  new kind of workout called Isokinetic Training is now available on the  revolutionary Milon Circuit. This kind of exercise is the best  way to fine-tune your power workout programmes and speed up injury  recovery time. Isokinetic exercises are performed using specialist  machines commonly found in sports science labs and rehabilitation  centres. The speed of movement is limited and controlled so tension  remains on the muscle being trained at all times. We are delighted to bring Milon Isokinetic Training programmes to THe River Bourne Club, offering a number of benefits to users.


  • The muscle gains strength evenly all through the range of movement
  • It is the fastest way to increase muscle strength
  • Fantastic for injury recovery, spinal stability and joint strength

Milon can be used either in a standalone fashion by undertaking one of our courses or it can be added to the standard club membership options. That means you get use of all the facilities at The River Bourne Club 

PLUS, as you can enjoy...

  • The addition of Milon to the life time of your membership
  • 4 Week Isokinetic and Strength Analysis Programme
  • Strength Testing to help keep track of your strength training progress and help set the right resistance levels for training programmes in weeks 1 and 4
  • Full Health Assessment in weeks 1 and 4
  • 1-2-1 Consultations with your Personal Coach

For more information please contact Sofia Hernandez, Milon Manager by calling 01932 560 560 or CLICK HERE to email.

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